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Macela Information Centre for Game Species

Opened since april 14th 2012, the centre is implemented in the Nature Reserve & Recreation Park of Macela, promoting the outdoor activities and welfare of the population, as well as providing information about game species in Azores.

Get access to hunting law information. The different techniques allowed to use, the cinegetic species, as well as the timelines in which hunting can be practiced throughout the archipelago.
Identify, compare and learn about the different species present here in live exhibits with information panels, throughout the centre.



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Serviço Florestal de Ponta Delgada
Rua do Contador, 23
9500 - 050 Ponta Delgada
Tel.: 296 204 600
Fax: 296 281 870
Opening times:

monday to friday






GPS coordinates:


37 45 53,16 N
25 31 56,57 W