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Nature Reserve & Recreation Park of Quinta das Rosas

The Nature Reserve and Recreation Park of Quinta das Rosas is located close to the village of Madalena, covers an area of 3 hectares and rises 150 meters above sea level. In spite of a violent storm that in 1986 destroyed most of the flora, the Reserve still has a vast wealth in botanical species, some rare, and which have been protected by the Forest Services.

Visitors may observe such trees and ornamental bushes as the New Zealand Christmas tree, palm trees, plane trees, horse chestnut, Araucaria pine trees, banksias, dragon trees, eucalyptus, camellias and hibiscus. There is also a collection of fruit species as avocado, almond, plum, ox heart, strawberry guava, chestnut, cherry, common guava, quince, loquat, peach, pear and pomegranate. Besides this botanical wealth, the reserve also comprises picnic areas, a viewpoint to the island of Faial, small ponds and the emblematic chapel of Santa Isabel, where traditionally weddings are held. The Forestry Dissemination Centre is under construction.


How to get there:
It is located in the parish of Madalena, district of Madalena. Take Estrada Regional nr. 1 and Estrada Regional 2 – 3 (longitudinal road), following the road signs.


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Infrastrutures in Nature Reserve & Recreation Park:


Forest Information Centres


Park Utility Building

Rose Garden


Viewing Point

Children´s Playground


Picnic Area




Serviço Florestal do Pico
Estrada Regional 1, n.º 62 –
Cais do Pico
9940-334 São Roque do Pico
Tel.: 292 648 550
Opening times:

From January to April and From October to December
From Monday to Friday
08h00 AM to 4h00 PM
Weekend and holidays

May and Setember
From Monday to Friday
08h00 AM to 7h00 PM
Weekend and Holidays
10h00 AM to 7h00 PM

From 1 June to 31 August
From Monday to Friday
08h00 AM to 8h00 PM
Weekend and holidays
10h00 AM to 8h00 PM


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GPS coordinates:

 38º 31' 36.429'' N
-28º 29' 42.275'' W